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Iced Sencha (How to make iced tea with Japanese Sencha)

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Iced Tea Sencha is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer day, and this recipes are used by many Japanese.
There are three different ways to brew Iced tea Sencha. Each extracts the taste and constituents in a unique way. You can choose and enjoy brewing each way, considering the purpose or taste you like the best.
Iced Japanese tea (Gyokuro/Sencha)(1) Brewing by ice
This brewing technique is a time consuming process, but provides the most noble taste and atmosphere, which is suitable for the highest grades Sencha. This brewing technique creates a finished tea that is low in Caffeine, since Caffeine is extracted best in hot water.
Place 7 to 8g (1.5 tablespoons) of Sencha tea leaves into the Kyusu (teapot).
Fill the Kyusu with pieces of ice.
Wait for the ice to thaw naturally at room temperature (do not heat the Kyusu).
It is finished when the pieces of ice are fully thawed.
Pour the tea from the Kyusu into each glass alternately little by little, so that the quantity and taste of the tea is equal in each glass.
(2) Brewing by hot water once and cooling quickly
This brewing technique involves brewing the tea in hot water, then cooling it quickly by pouring the hot tea into a glass filled with pieces of ice.
Particularly in the case of Sencha, you can enjoy the refreshing and astringent taste that Sencha is well-known for, because this hot brewing technique extracts Catechin and Caffeine that are not extracted by brewing with ice or cold water. This way is also suitable when you wish to enjoy the healthful benefits of Catechin and Caffeine, such as when you would like to concentrate or have energy.
The crackling "Pachi Pachi" sounds when hot tea is poured over ice creates a cool and relaxing atmosphere in summer.
Place 7 to 8g (1.5 tablespoons) of Sencha tea leaves into the Kyusu (teapot).
Pour 200ml (7.04fl oz) of 158F (70C) temperature of water into the Kyusu.
Wait for 2-3 minutes. You'll want to brew the tea quite strongly because later the thawed ice will weaken the flavor.
Pour tea from the Kyusu into each glass filled with pieces of ice to cool the tea quickly.
(3) Brewing by cool water
This brewing process is easy to do and creates tea which is easy to store and preserves well. You can enjoy the smooth and mellow taste of both Gyokuro and Sencha without any bitter notes because Caffeine is not extracted in cold water.
Place 7 to 10g (1.5 to 2 tablespoons) of Gyokuro or Sencha tea leaves into the teapot (or large size Kyusu).
Pour 500 to 1000ml (17.6 to 35.2fl oz) of cool water into the teapot (or large size Kyusu) and store in the refrigerator for 2 to 6 hours.
In order to equalize the taste of the tea, shake the Kyusu horizontally before pouring the tea into each glass.
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