Authentic Teaware from around the world

About Us

Every tea we sell isn’t just another flavor, but a small part of a unique and diverse culture. We focus on introducing the World’s various tea cultures. Tea boasts thousands of years of history, and each country develops its own tea culture --brewing methods, types of teas, teapots and tea ceremonies. The Chinese have developed oolong teas which go well with Yixing teapots. The English have developed Earl Grey tea, and English teapots work well with England’s favourite teas.

We selected 80 of the best quality teas from among thousands that were sampled. Our selection includes black teas (Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon, and Keemun), green teas(Longjing, Sencha, Matcha, Jasmine tea,  and Dragon Pearls), white tea(Silver Needle), Oolong(Tieguanyin), Rooibos, Herb, Fruit tea, and flavored teas.

The taste of tea is best when it's brewed using authentic traditional teawares developed through hundreds of years of tea tradition. Japanese Sencha tastes best when it's brewed using Kyusu.

Chinese Oolong tea tastes best when you brew with a Yixing clay teapot. Brewing tea with a traditional teapot is  a truly meditative moment, and learning to master the proper technique is very fulfilling. When you concentrate on tea making with a traditional teapot, your worries will be washed away by the tea water.

You can find unique teawares from around the world including Kyusu teapots(Tokoname, and Banko) and Matcha bowls from Japan, Yixing Zisha and Gaiwan teapots from China, celadon tea sets from Korea, and Portmeirion Botanic Garden teapots from England. The value and quality of our teaware is of the highest concern, which is why many of our teawares are obtained directly from the manufacturers.  We never sell cheap porcelain or glass at inflated prices.


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