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Loyalty Points

What is the Loyalty Programme?
Did you know you've already been earning points from the time you make your account? Zen Tea Loyalty Points are our way of saying thank you.
Every time you purchase a product with Zen Tea, we reward you with points and keep track of your total.

How are they earned?
Earning your Loyalty Points couldn't be simpler. Just sign up to the program by creating an account and you’ll earn 200 points.
Every dollar you spend at Zen Tea will earn you five loyalty points.
Want even more? Give a friend $5 off their first purchase and earn 100 points if they spend over $20

How are they redeemed?
Every 100 points you accumulate may be redeemed for one dollar towards any purchase.
500 points $5 off
1000 points $10 off
15000 points $15 off

To start our loyalty program, click 'Loyalty Points' purple button left

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