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Kyusu Tokoname - Sekiryu 2


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Thin, delicate teapot wall.
Smooth rim. The lid fits perfectly. No gab between a lid and rim.
Potter: Sekiryu
Size: 310 ml (10 fl oz)
Mesh type: Tou-ami (ceramic mesh)



1967: Born in Tokonama-City
1983: While having enrolled in Tokoname Highschool, Pottery course, started the training at Sekiryu Gama.
1996: Joined “Tokoname Tea Set Society”
2001: Participated to “Korea Pottery Expo”
Choza Award Pottery Industry Exhibition / Won “Choza Award”
2002: 10th Tableware Award: Got a prize
Choza Award Pottery Industry Exhibition / Got a prize: 5 times
2015: Tokoname Yaki Promotion Association / Chief Director Award

"I am always trying something new, preserving old & good tradition. As I focus on making tea set especially, I make my works, thinking about its design and the ease of use."

Hojicho 5-56-1
Tokoname, Aichi
479-0827 Japan

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