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Japanese Kyusu - Left Handed


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Simple style with a very classic natural red color
Kyusu made for left-handed users with a bar-style handle on the left side of the spout
Simple, elegant, very easy to use, and of excellent value
Includes a fine stainless-steel mesh filter at the base of the spout of the Kyusu

-Capacity 380ml(12.8 fl oz)

Tokoname Pottery
The teapot was made in Tokoname city, which has a 900-year-long history and tradition of pottery-making and is well known throughout Japan. In Japan, there are six ancient kilns – Tokoname, Seto, Echizen, Shigaraki, Tanba, and Bizen – and Tokoname has the oldest and largest of them. Tea lovers believed that teas have a sweeter, mellower flavour when brewed in clay teapots. This fact, combined with high-quality craftsmanship and design, makes Tokoname teapots popular among Japanese green-tea lovers.

The design aesthetic of these side-handled teapots is based on the premise of ease-of-use. Simply twist the bar-style handle! You will be fascinated by how much easier it is to pour tea. Also, the hollow handles are comfortable to grasp as they do not become too hot. The interior of these teapots usually includes very fine mesh strainers that prevent tea leaves from pouring into the teacups. Interiors made of fine, slightly porous clays are often left unglazed so as to retain the aroma of tea. Kyusu teapots are used in Japan for daily tea-drinking.

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Pre-treatment: Tokoname teapot needs to be treated with preparation work before brew the tea(read more: Pre-treatment)

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