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Celadon teaset 5cups - Crane


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Elegant celadon teapot with a set of five matching cups.
Vivid hand-painted crane which blends well with the celadon surface.
Beautiful line of fine crazing which increases the value of pottery.
Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.
Tea set includes: 5 cups, 1 hot-water cooler (Sookwoo), 1 teapot (Dahgwan), and a paper packaging box.

Both the teapot and the cups are decorated with a pattern of clouds and inlaid cranes, which symbolize immortality. Korean celadon pottery was well known throughout history, and this crane pattern is the most famous design for Korean celadon. All of the components of this tea set are thick-walled, so the set is slightly heavy, setting it apart from cheaply made pottery. The potter paid great attention to detail in creating the painted design on the tea set. The painting of cranes flying among the clouds looks delicate and the surface of the pottery is extremely smooth even with the existence of crazing. This celadon tea set is truly a fine example of Korean celadon pottery skill.

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