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Samashi - Seiho Tsuzuki


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* Potter: Seiho Tsuzuki
* Capacity: 290 ml (9.8 fl oz)
* Studio address: Ichiba-Cho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi, Japan
* My wish…Waiting for words, “Amazing”, toward my ware. - Seiho Tsuzuki -

Yuzamashi (Samashi)
The Yuzamashi (hot-water cooler) is a tea-service accessory used to adjust the water temperature. If you often enjoy high-quality Japanese green tea, the Yuzamashi is an essential tool for your collection! Pour boiled water into the Yuzamashi, and then pour the water into the Kyusu. For a long time, Japanese have used the Yuzamashi to brew green tea of a pure and genuine taste, without bitterness.

Potter Profile
1944    Born in Tokoname-Shi
1964    Established his own pottery studio
Being selected 3 times for “Competition for pottery design”  
Being selected 4 times for “Exhibition for Japan Traditional Art Crafts”
Being selected 5 times for “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition” (Every 2 years for all potters in Japan)
Won “Mayor Prize” at “Local pottery promotional exhibition”
Won a prize 4 times at “Choza-Sho”(Every year only for” Tokoname ware” potters)
Selected 4 times for “Exhibition for Tokai traditional art crafts”
Won “Category Prize” at “Japan youth traditional art crafts exhibition”
Awarded as “Excellence of craftsman for Traditional craft” by the prefectural governor
Awarded as “Person of traditional craft merit” by the prefectural governor

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