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Samashi - Shoryu


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Hot-water cooler – a must-have tool for brewing the optimum taste of Japanese green tea
Yuzamashi makes it easy to lower water temperatures
An important accessory to complete your Japanese tea set
Elegant painting of cherry blossoms on the lower part of a dark-brown ceramic background

Capacity: 290ml(9.8 fl oz)
Product description
The taste of Japanese green tea is affected by water temperature and steeping time. Some of you may have experienced green tea with a bitter taste and gotten the impression that green tea itself is bitter. But this is not true. You can achieve a fresh, astringent, slightly sweet taste of green tea. You just need to use water of a slightly lower temperature (around 70°C, 158°F) with a short steeping time (around two minutes) to brew the tea. Yuzamashi (Samashi) makes it easy to adjust water temperature. Simply pour boiled water into the Yuzamashi, and then pour the water into the Kyusu. Alternatively, you can pour your tea water into the Yuzamashi right after steeping the tea and then pour it straight into your teacup. This way, the tea leaves will stay in the bottom of the Yuzamashi, so you can avoid drinking them.

Name as a potter: Shoryu (Matsubara Shoji)

* Potter Profile

April 25th ,1945   Born in Tokoname City
1965   Graduated from Tokoname Highschool /Department of Ceramics industry
Learned by the master, Hokuryu
1978   Established his own pottery studio, “Shoryu Toen”
1988   Won  “Tokoname Pottery Industry Financial Association Prize”
1994   Accredited as “Traditional craftsman”
1996   Selected for “Choza-Sho Pottery Exhibition”
1997   Selected for “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”
2001   Awarded as “Excellent Craftsman of Aichi Prefecture”
2001   Exhibited at World Pottery Expo 2001
2001   Selected for “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”
2002   Won “Tokoname Ware Chubu trade and industry Prize”
2002   Won ”Encourage Prize” at “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”
2004   Selected for “Choza-Sho Pottery Exhibition”
2004   Won “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize” from the Exhibition for Tokoname Ware Promotion
2005   Won ”Encourage Prize” at “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”
2006   Selected for “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”

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