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Japanese green tea roaster


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Make your own roasted tea! Many people love toasty Hojicha, which is made by a process of roasting green tea. You can make your own version of roasted green tea. It will give you a totally different experience of tea! Bonus: the wonderful smell of roasting tea will spread through your house.

How to use
1. Put the roaster with tea on low heat. 2. When theroaster becomes hot, green tea changescolour into yellow and moves slightly. 3. Shake the ware in order to keep fromburning the green tea. 4. Maintain the heat until your preferredlevel of roasting has been reached. 5.Pour roasted tea into a cup or bowl through the hole located in the handle.
** You can easily use this item to roast sesame, salt, rice crackers, or beans.

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