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One Touch Tea Maker-Precise 1


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Easiest way to make a perfect cup of tea simply with the touch of a button.
Make the perfect strength of tea thanks to two separate cups – the steeping cup and the container cup.

Unique stainless-steel handle and lid which are different from other similar tea makers.
Made of heat-resistant glass and a BPA-free plastic infuser with stainless-steel filter.

Easy to clean with detachable filter.

Size: 500ml(glass pitcher), 215ml(infuser container)
Material: heat resistant glass, inner infuser container: food grade Polycarbonate
Include inner infuser container, outer glass pitcher  

How to use tea maker 'precise'
1. Add loose leaf tea and hot water into the inner cup. Snap lid closed.
2. Enjoy watching the steeping tea leaves. Steep to desired strength.
3. Press the red button to drain the brewed tea.
4. Pour the tea into your cup. Enjoy!

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