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Pu-erh loose organic


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Pu-erh or Pu-er teas are teas whose leaves are re-hydrated after fermentation, to enable a second fermentation; they are called post-fermented teas. After production, these teas are stored in cool cellars or buried in the ground for one or more years. The dark to light brown Sinensis leaf develops a strong, spicy and earthy taste and an earthy and woody flavour. The infusion has a light brown color. This ancient wonder is renowned in China as a health elixir and has shown tremendous potential in helping to lower cholesterol naturally.

Origin: Pu-erh from China
Preparation (6 oz cup, 1 heaping teaspoon):
First infusion: 1 minutes, 95C(203F)
Second infusion: 1.5 minutes, 95C (203F)
Third infusion: 3 minutes, 95C (203F)
** Recommended to rinse Pu-erh tea with hot water for 5 seconds before steeping.

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