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Pu-erh cake Meng-hai Shou Old tree


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Made with large leaf of ancient wild tea tree from Menghai, Yunnan province.
Excellent example of well-made Shou Pu-erh (aged Pu-erh) with smooth and full and complex in flavor without any bitterness.
A good value on a very tasty cake for shou Pu-erh lovers.


Shou (fermented) Pu-erh: Shou Pu-erh undergoes an accelerated, rapid microbial fermentation process  in the tea factory. Shou Pu-erh is ready for drinking right away or can be stored to mellow and sweeten over time.

357g (12.6 oz)
Pressed in April 2013 (3 years aged)
Manufacturer: Nan Jhen, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan province, China

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