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Oolong - Jade Winter


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This lightly oxidized oolong tea comes from Taiwan's mountainous region of Nantou. This tightly rolled oolong yields a golden infusion with a flowery aroma and a subtle, buttery flavour. It has a smooth body and a clean, delicate mouthfeel.
Jade oolong tea is a successful new breed after 30 more years’ research by Taiwan Tea Experimental Station in 1981. Since its experiment code is 2029, most people call it #29. It is one of four tea cultivars in Taiwan.
Jade oolong is only suitable to be widely planted at an elevation below 1,000 meters, because its stem has too much water and its leaves are too thick to plant at a higher elevation.

Origin: Mingjian Village(名間鄉) of Nantou County, Taiwan
Regular steeping (8 oz cup): 1.5 teaspoons (4 grams) of tea, 82-87 °C (180–190 °F) water temperature, 2-3 min. (Recommended to rinse the tea in your mug for 2-4 seconds before first steeping.) Re-steep 2-3 additional times.
Gaiwan steeping (in a gaiwan or small teapot under 6 oz): 2 teaspoons (4.5 grams) of tea. 82-87 °C (180-190 °F) water temperature, 2.5 min. first infusion, 2.5 min. second infusion, 3 in third infusion. (Recommended to rinse the tea in your mug for 2-4 seconds before first steeping. Re-steep 4-5 additional times.)

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