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Longquan celadon Gaiwan big size


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Celadon Gaiwan from Longquan
Dimensions: 200 ml (6.8 fl oz)

Longquan celadon (龍泉青瓷)

The Longquan celadons were among the finest of a range of celadon wares produced in China. The wares are hardly ever painted.
Celadon production had a long history at Longquan and related sites, and there was the great expansion of both quality and production after 1127. And Longquan celadons were an important part of China's export economy for over five-hundred years.
In traditional Western terms, celadons are strictly counted as stoneware, since the fired clay body is neither white nor translucent.But some Western writers consider the wares should be "regarded as porcelain". Compromise terms such as "porcellanous stoneware" may be used to describe the pieces.

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