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Kyusu Tokoname - Yutaka Tsuzuki1

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Looking at the beautiful patterns and color tone of this teapot will improve your mood! The color tone is a refined gray with a slightly coppery and metallic sheen. Yellow flowery pattern goes extremely well without downgrading refined color tone. Everybody likes this pleasing beautiful Kyusu!

Potter: Yutaka Tsuzuki, Daikoji Gama(kiln)
I absorb traditional mind, and create mind of new ware. - Yutaka Tsuzuki-

- Size: 330ml(11.2 fl oz)
- Origin: Daikoji Gama(38 Aza Sato, Daikoji, Chita-Shi, Aichi, Japan)

Potter profile
1972   Born in Tokoname-Shi as the 2nd son of Aomine Tsuzuki
1995   Learned pottery as a student at Tokoname pottery Institute
1996   Learned by the master, Mr. Toraku Morioka in Kyoto
1992   Started learning pottery from his father, Seiho Tsuzuki
2003   Established his own pottery studio, “Daikoji Gama”
2006   Set out “Tokoname potter society and started the activity as the president
Won “Choza Prize” at “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”
Won “Encourage Prize” at “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”
Won “Special recognition Prize” at “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”
Selected 6 times for “Choza-Sho Pottery exhibition”
Won “Tokoname governor Prize” at “Tokoname Ware promotion exhibition”  
Selected for “Tokai traditional craft exhibition”
Won “Chita governor Prize” at “Citizens of Chita exhibition”
Won “Education board Prize” at “Citizens of Chita exhibition”
Won “Asahi shinbun company Prize” at “Citizens of Tokoname exhibition”

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