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Kyusu Tokoname - Kosyo 2


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Hand-made Tokoname Kyusu teapot by skilled potter 'Kosho' .
This black teapot shows off the potter Kosho's amazing eye for detail. The encircling line is extremely thin and delicate. Additional thin lines contribute to its natural and refined surface. The copper-colored edge adds a beautiful accent for zen-like tranquility.

Studio: Kosho  
Size: 260 ml (8.8 fl oz)
Strainer type: clay mesh

Potter's message regarding teapot
* Effect of Far Infrared Ray
Because it includesa small amount of several key elements found in natural rocks and stones, this tea-setgenerates wave energy.
Our creative process in designing this teapot prioritizes improved absorption of the ingredients contained in the Japanese tea leaves.
Enjoy the truly natural taste of the tea!

Hand-made Kyusu

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