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Kyusu Bankoyaki - Masaki Tate


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Masaki Tate is one of renowned craftsman designated by the Japanese government and top five purple clay Banko Yaki potter.
He specializes in purple clay Banko teapot. His craftsmanship is widely recognized by Banko teapot collectors, and his masterpiece is limited in quantity because of his pursuit of perfection.


Intangible cultural property designated by Yokkaichi-City
The society of Yokkaichi Banko ware traditional technique preservation

Crown prince and Crown princess visited his pottery booth during an event in Mie Prefecture
Yokkaichi Industry Contributor Award
Banko Teapot Fair/ Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize: Twice
Banko Teapot Fair/ Governor Prize: Twice
Banko Teapot Fair/ Mayor Prize: 3 times
Yokkaichi General Competition / Prefectural Assembly Chairman Prize: 3 times
Japan Green Tea Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
Prefectural Exhibition
Banko Ware Ceramic Art Exhibition
Banko Ware Competitive Exhibition
Yokkaichi Exhibition
Dedicated to Meiji Shrine
Participated in the Art Craft Exhibition in Philadelphia and Long Beach in U.S.A.
Participated in World Design Exhibition
Listed on “Modern Ceramic Art Illustrated Book” by Kogei Publishing company

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