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Gongfu tray bamboo - Oriental Door large


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A design adopted from the traditional Asian door pattern.
Made from bamboo for durability and light weight.
Equipped with plastic waste-water basin for the drier Gongfu tea-making experience.
Large-sized tray suitable for serving tea to more than 4 guests.
Size: 58cm(22.8")L - 38cm(15")W - 7cm(2.8")H, Material: bamboo

Tea Tray for Gongfu(Chinese tea serving)
The Tea Tray(tea draining tray) is an integral piece of equipment for the Gongfu Tea Ceremony.
It is essentially a grate, which allows excess and waste liquids to be collected in a pan under the grate. The tray is important, because the Gongfu style of brewing requires cups, pots are repeatedly rinsed in hot water to ensure that proper temperatures are kept and that the vessels are sanitary.

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