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Glass Teapot Stainless Steel Filter

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Stainless steel fine filter for convinient cleaning and for steeping of any kinds of tea.
Heat-resistant borosilicate glass with much thicker and more durable glass.
Enjoy the beautiful color of your tea through the super-clear glass during the simple infusion process.

Capacity: 1000 ml (34 fl oz)

Have the joy of looking at infused golden or brown tea-water while you enjoy steeping the tea!
This modern-design glass teapot comes with stainless-steel filter to allow for any kind of fine teas. 
This teapot is made of thick borosilicate glass, so feel free to pour boiling water or freezing water any time.

Feel the thick glass body which is different from most other glass teapots.
The stainless steel filter teapot will make 4-5 cups of tea at a time, and you can get the matching double-walled glass teacup, as well.

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