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Matcha bowl - Minoyaki

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Matcha bowl(Chawan), Popular Mino Yaki
Dimensions: 12cm (4.7", dia) - 7.5cm (3", Height)

Mino-yaki (美濃焼)
MINO-YAKI is a general name for ceramic wares made in the town of Tajimi (多治見) in old Mino province (now the south-eastern part of Gifu prefecture).
MINO-YAKI production started in this area during Tumulus Period as the soil in MINO contains plenty of ingredients required for pottery.
In Japan, MINO-YAKI is the most popular pottery. Its share now goes beyond 50% of the Japanese pottery market. You can find the largest concentration of MINO-YAKI potters at Toki city in Gifu prefecture.

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Tags: chawan, matcha
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