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Iwachu Tetsubin - Zen


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Moden & zen design with concentric Rings

Tetsubin is a word for Japanese cast iron teapots. Tetsubin distribute the heat evenly inside the pot to better extract the flavors and benefits of the tea thanks to the solid cast iron with enameled interior. Tetsubin can keep your tea warm for about an hour, which is perfect for tea time after meal! Making a tetsubin at Iwachu usually consists of 64~68 steps with most of the process still being done by hand. Quality is strictly maintained by a master craftsman known as a "Kamashi". It requires at least 15 years to become a full-fledged craftsman and 30~40 years to become a "kamashi".

Capacity: 0.6L(20 fl oz)
Dimentions: 14cm(5-1/2")dia • 10.5cm(4-1/8)H
Made in Iwachu, Nambu, Japan

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