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Si Ji Chun (Ever-spring) Winter

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Ever-spring oolong tea is also called Si Ji Chun or four seasons (spring) oolong tea. The tea tree of Ever-spring is a natural hybrid, and was found at a tea garden in Muzha (木柵), New Taipei County about 20 years ago.
Ever-spring tea trees are found all around Taiwan island, from the north to the south. The Si Ji Chun cultivar, especially, thrives in the mid-level elevation gardens in the Nantou area.
Si Ji Chun shows off a perfect combination of a powerful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers and a light, sweet, buttery taste. The tea is rich in flavour with a strong aftertaste.

Origin: Nantou county, Taiwan
Regular steeping (8 oz cup): 1.5 teaspoons (4 grams) of tea, 82-87 °C (180–190 °F) water temperature, 2-3 min. (Recommended to rinse the tea in your mug for 2-4 seconds before first steeping.) Re-steep 2-3 additional times.
Gaiwan steeping (in a gaiwan or small teapot under 6 oz): 2 teaspoons (4.5 grams) of tea. 82-87 °C (180-190 °F) water temperature, 2.5 min. first infusion, 2.5 min. second infusion, 3 in third infusion. (Recommended to rinse the tea in your mug for 2-4 seconds before first steeping. Re-steep 4-5 additional times.)

How the 4-Seasons-Oolong got its name:
Si Ji Chun in English translates to “four seasons like spring”, and means that Four Seasons Oolong tea can be harvested 4 times a year on a quality level equal to that of the spring season, while the year’s first harvest is generally considered as the best one for the typical teas of this region, and subsequent harvests are usually characterized by a quality decline.

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