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Oolong - Banyan Da Hong Pao Rock Tea

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Da Hong Pao (大红袍, literally: "Big Red Robe") is a premium variety of the Wu Yi Yan Cha (武夷岩茶, Wuyi Rock Tea) group of oolong. During the Qing Dynasty, Da Hong Pao was given the title, "King of Tea."
According to legend, the mother of a Ming Dynasty emperor was cured of an illness by a certain tea, and that emperor sent great red robes to clothe the four bushes from which that tea originated.
Due to its high quality, Da Hong Pao tea is usually reserved for honored guests in China.
Our Da Hong Pao offers rich aromas of roasted vegetables, sweet honey and wet river stones. You won't forget the sweet aftertaste which lingers for a long time.
We strongly recommend that you compare our Da Hong Pao to other companies' Da Hong Pao offerings. Our premium grade Da Hong Pao has a richer and far more pleasant aroma and taste than other low grade options, and ours can be steeped many times without losing its rich flavour.

Origin: WuYi Mountains, Fujian province, China
Picking standard: One bud with two leaves
* Regular steeping (8 oz cup): 2 teaspoons (2 grams) of tea, 95-100 °C (203-212 °F) water temperature, 1 min 20 sec. Re-steep 2-3 additional times.
* Gaiwan steeping (Gaiwan or small teapot under 6 oz): 95-100 °C (203-212 °F) water temperature, 2 teaspoons (2 grams) of tea

 1st  2nd 3rd 4th
1 min 1 min 20 2 min 30 3 min 20 sec

(120 ml small Gaiwan used)

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