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Oolong - Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid) Phoenix Dancong

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In English, Mi Lan Xiang means "Honey Orchid Fragrance." This tea is renowned for its exhilarating and aromatic complexity. Our Mi Lan Xiang was produced from an old grove sitting on Wudong Mountain(烏崠山) in the Phoenix Mountain Range of Guangdong province, China. Mt. Wu Dong is the highest peak among the Phoenix Mountains and is known to produce the highest quality tea.
Our Dancong (Mi Lan Xiang) exudes a perfumy aroma of orchids and almonds. The infusion of its long twisted leaves deploys rich aromas of flowers and exotic fruits (lychee). Because it has a strong aroma, first time drinkers usually think Mi Lan Xiang is a flavored tea. Its complex bittersweet liquor has an incrediblly long finish, textured by woody and malty notes. Perfect to enjoy in multiple infusions.

Origin: Mt. WuDong, GuangDong province, China
* Regular steeping (8 oz cup): 2 teaspoons (2 grams) of tea, 95-100 °C (203-212 °F) water temperature, 2-3 min. Re-steep 2-3 additional times.
* Gaiwan steeping (Gaiwan or small teapot under 6 oz): 95-100 °C (203-212 °F) water temperature, 2 teaspoons (2 grams) of tea

 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1 min 1min 20sec 1m 40 sec 2 min 2 min 30 sec

(120 ml small Gaiwan used)

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