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celadon infuser cup set - Dahangcho

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Traditional Dhangcho (Korean-style Arabesque) pattern is inlayed with the traditional Sanggam technique, which dates back to the mid-twelfth century.
A unique, natural hemp-style string is tied on top of each lid, resembling an Asian bamboo hat.
Made in studio in Yeoju, Korea.

- Cup: 10.5cm(H) - 9.5cm(D), Saucer: 11.5cm, lid holder: 8cm

Originally, sanggam involved inlaying white and black pigments into stamped or carved motifs to create images of cranes, clouds, ducks, lotuses, and willows that appear to float within a limpid green glaze. This technique appeared in Korea by the mid-twelfth century; it would adorn tableware and ritual vessels used by the court and nobility for two centuries.

Korean celadon
Korean celadon pottery is renowned the world over since Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) for its exquisite inlaid designs, voluminous form, elegantly-curved lines and mysterious color, the color of the sky after a rainstorm during an autumn afternoon.

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