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Korean Teaset - Integrity


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Thick, high-quality porcelain wall with excellent heat retention so you can enjoy your tea longer.
Soft white color with fine, cracked surface gives you the joy of using an elegantly superior tea set.
Suitable for brewing green or white tea, whose taste can easily be affected by water temperature.
Perfect gift item, composed of a complete 5-person tea set in a unique gift box.
* Size
- teapot: 300 ml, (4.52" D - 3.86" H - 8.07" length w/handle)
- Sookwoo: 400 ml (3.81" D - 2.95" H), teacup: 80 ml (2.76" D - 1.81" H)


Natural Korean pottery
Korean pottery demonstrates a demure, natural beauty with the least artificiality. Unlike the brash artificiality of some artworks that cause restlessness in the body and soreness in the forehead when they are looked upon for a long time. The exquisite natural beauty of Korean traditional pottery soothes the eye, calms the mind and uplifts the soul.

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