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Infuser mug Set of 2 - Celadon Web


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Double-walled construction with a special web-shaped outer wall that keeps the cup perfectly cool.
Skilled labour and time-intensive effort is required to carve the holes of the unique, web-shaped outer wall.
Ring (or Mandala) patterns are scattered on the cup, saucer, and lid.
Great gift item for couple looking for a convenient tea-steeping mug with a special design.

A set includes; 2 cups, 2 lids, 2 saucers, paper gift box  * Cup capacity: 190ml(6.4 fl oz)
Goryeo Celadon
Celadon is a type of jade-green porcelain. Production of this type of ceramic ware reached its height during the Goryeo Dynasty(918∼1392) in Korea, and it is therefore commonly referred to as Goryeo celadon. The clay used to make celadon pots contains trace amounts of iron, and after a pot is thrown, it is covered with a glaze which also contains iron and is fired at a temperature exceeding 1,200 degrees Celsius. The purity of glaze with its unsurpassed jewel-like green color and its achievement in diverse decorative technique such as inlaid, carving, moulding, underglaze painting, sculpting, incising and openwork make Goryeo celadon stands out as the best among its contemporaneous Chinese and Japanese products.

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