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Yixing teapot-Siji


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Potter's ultimate skill revealed here! Hexagonal spout and handle and leave shape pattern covers the pumpkin shape teapot. Hexagonal shape is harder to make than round shape surface.
Potter: Liu, HongXia(Institute of Chinese zisha potter, Research institute of Zisha art, Association of Chinese Craft Artist)
Capacity: 230ml(7.8 fl Oz)
Tea pairing: Oolong/black tea/puerh

Ideal for Tea Brewing
Tea drinkers discovered Zisha pots to be ideal vessels for tea brewing. Not only does the semi-porous nature of the clay help to retain heat, but also absorbs the oils from tea leaves, subtly seasoning each teapot with the tea’s flavour and fragrance. The more you use your teapot, the better it gets. Its surface will become glossier and the color will intensify.

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