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Brown berry teapot

Posted on October 07, 2014 | 0 comments
The Brown Betty teapot is a very basic ceramic teapot that was created in the 1800s and has a distinctive form and glaze. They are still made in Staffordshire, England. You can get the shape of the Brown Betty in many colors and sizes but originally the glaze used was managanese brown which was apparently developed by the ate Marquis of Rockingham on his English estate. The teapot was made from a terracotta clay so the tea would stay nice and hot and then covered in the brown glaze. The shape itself was peculiar to the Brown Betty. It is very high and round in comparison to many teapots.
Apparently this teapot became a favorite at the court of Queen Victoria. Today the clay is noticeably thinner than in Victorian times but you can always check to see if you have an original. They are still made by Cauldon Ceramics and have a Union Jack flag and the Cauldon markings on the bottom of the teapot.
One of the main reasons they have survived for such a long time is the simple fact that they brew great tasting tea. It could be the shape, or the clay used but really with this teapot you can't go wrong. Everyone will enjoy the tea it makes.
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