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Nurturing Yixing teapot

Posted on October 07, 2014 | 0 comments
Have you experienced bad first experience with Yixing teapot? I still can't forget the feel of drinking tea which contains soil when I use Yixing teapot for the first time. I didn't know about nurturing teapot at that time. And I didn't know I need Yixing teapot nurturing before use. Without pre-treatment, you will feel like you're drinking soil and taste bitter. Here's brief introduction how to nurture your Yixing teapot.

Simple nurturing
Rinse the inside of teapot thoroughly with hot water and soft brush(or cloth)
Brew at least three or four separate pots of tea with same type of tea you will use. This process removes the clay taste from the new pot.
Professional nurturing
1. To prepare your teapot for use, first inspect the pot's interior bottom for any remaining sandy residue that may not have been removed after manufacture, and rinse it out.
2. Carefully place teapot onto a pot with lid uncovered which should be large enough to cover the teapot with water.
2. Place cloth onto the pot to prevent teapot to break by hitting the walls in your pot surface when water boils. Put some tea leaves (preferably the same kind of tea which you will use for your new teapot) and bring to a boil.
3) Slow boil for about 30minutes. Let your teapot stay for a day in the pot with tea water still covering the entire teapot.
4) the next day you can take the teapot out and rub off any purple sand residue inside of your teapot, rinse well with water only, place the teapot back into the cook ware and bring it to a slow boil again for around an hour or so. Let it cool down in your cook ware still covering with the tea water again,
5)the next day you may take out your teapot and rinse it well with hot water. After this process, the air holes in your teapot are opened up and is ready for use.
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