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How to make Japanese teas

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1. General Brewing Process
(Brewing procedure for Two Servings of Sencha)
a. Place 2 teaspoons of Sencha into the Kyusu(teapot)
b. Pour hot water (200ml/7.04fl oz) into two teacups or water cooler(Yuzamashi, it is better method) to adjust the water temperature. On the first pour, it will be about 80’C(176F) which is the perfect temperature for brewing Sencha.
c. Pour the warm water back into the Kyusu and wait for 1 minute as the Sencha brews.
d. Pour tea from the Kyusu into each tea cup alternately little by little, so that the quantity and taste of the tea is equal in each cup. Please pour all of the tea out from the Kyusu until the last drop, or else the second brewed cups will not taste as well.
• High quality tea leaves may be reused three times. Each infusion will have a unique flavour and aroma. Brew for a slightly shorter time(45-60 seconds) for the second infusion. Use slightly hotter water and a longer brew time for the third and last infusion.

2. Brewing Various Kinds of Japanese Green Teas
The brewing procedure is the same, but the quality of tea, water temperature, brewing time, tec. Vary for each individual type of tea. There is no manual that instructs us on one single perfect way to brew the perfect cup of tea. Although certain types of tea should generally be brewed in certain way, it is most important to tailor to the temperature of the water and waiting time to your own personal taste preference.

Tea leaves: 2 teaspoons
Water temperature: 140-158F(60-70’C)
Amount of water: 200ml(7.04fl oz)
Waiting time: 1.5-2 min
• Gyokuro’s best features are its sweetness and mellow aroma. It is better to brew with low temperature water to enhance the sweetness and avoid any bitter taste.

Tea leaves: 1 1/2 tablespoons (7 - 8g)
Water temperature: 176F (80C)
Amount of water: 200ml (7.04fl oz)
Waiting time: 1min.
• Sencha's best features are its refreshing yet mellow aroma, and balance of sweet and bitter taste. It's better to brew Sencha with 176F (80C) water so that the refreshing aroma and the mildly bitter taste of Catechin and Caffeine are enhanced. If Sencha is brewed for too long, it may become a little too bitter. Brewed with a lower water temperature such as 167F (75C), the flavor will become more mellow and less brisk. Please try the different brewing times and temperatures to find the one you prefer.

Tea leaves: 1 1/2 tablespoons (7 - 8g)
Water temperature: 176F (80C)
Amount of water: 200ml (7.04fl oz)
Waiting time: 40 - 45sec.
* Sencha Fukamushi is brewed much more quickly than standard Sencha. So it is best to brew Fukamushi Sencha for only a short time.

Tea leaves: 1 1/2 tablespoons (7-8g)
Water temperature: 176F (80C)
Amount of water: 200ml (7.04fl oz)
Waiting time: 1min.

Tea leaves: 3 tablespoons (7-8g)
Water temperature: boiling water
Amount of water: 200ml (7.04fl oz)
Waiting time: 15 - 30sec.
* Houjicha / Houjicha Karigane is only half the weight of Sencha tea leaves; it is 50% lighter. So, please put about two times (2x) the cubical content of tea leaves in the tea pot (Kyusu). To extract the excellent nutty and smooth aroma from Houjicha, please brew the tea leaves in boiling water for a short time.
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